Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lily Hybrid and Lati dress

Lati White sp default dress and hat $20

Then we have a little Hybrid, she is a WS Lati white Lily head, face upped by myself, twinned with an Orient doll body, I have modded her neck to fit, slightly, but other than that the fit is a good one, both in colour and proportion. She comes along with her Mimisstuff outfit (dress, hat, shoes,pants) her wig (which is slightly fluffy) and her pink teddy. Her outfit alone would be $50 so her price at $130 is a bargain for such a sweet doll.
Shipping for the US would be $8 for standard airmail (from Uk) or $15 for Airsure which is tracked.
Anywhere else please enquire :) 
If Interested please email me mimisstuff1@virginmedia.com

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